Covid-19 Pandemic and E-learning in Nursing Education

A Blessing in Disguise

  • Sumaira Khowaja Punjwani Saifee Burhani School of Nursing
Keywords: e-learning, nursing education


COVID Pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges concerning education and academia as the students and faculty members were asked to remain at home considering their safety. However, the prime concern for academicians during the pandemic was to identify the ways that can be opted for continuing teaching and learning while being off-campus as there was great uncertainty about the reopening of the educational institutes. In February 2020, the first case of COVID was reported in Pakistan which immediately lead to three weeks of complete lockdown in March 2020. There was a very short time for institutional, faculty and student readiness for online learning. Planning, execution and implementation of the faculty development program for shifting from complete face to face learning to e-learning and technological and infrastructural supplies were some of the biggest challenges to making a shift from traditional to online learning.

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