Association of Dementia in Metformin Users With Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) at Tertiary Care Hospital in Karachi

  • rozina fazal JSMU
  • Hikmata Ali Post Fellow at NICVD Karachi
  • Syed Mahboob Alam HOD Pharmacology & Therapetics BMSI JPMC Karachi
  • Saeeda Naseer BMSI/JPMS/M.phil student
  • Syed Saqib Khalid BMSI/JPMS/M.phil student
Keywords: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM), Dementia, Age, Gender,


Objective: To determine the association of dementia in metformin users of Type 2 Diabetes at JPMC Karachi

Methodology: This cross-sectional study using a non-probability purposive sampling technique was carried out in the outpatient department of Diabetes clinic JPMC Karachi after approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) JPMC Karachi. The study period was 6th months from February/20/2020 to August/20/2020  A total of 83 patients out of 350 types 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) using Metformin of both genders with the ages 18 to 75 were selected by MMSE including in the study and were evaluated for the association.

Results: Out of 83 patients women (50) 62.2 % had more dementia compared to males (33) 39.8% with a significant p of 0.015. Our study shows the risk of mild to moderate dementia increase with the increase in mean age 47.29±7.63 years to 52.50±8.85 years respectively with a significant p 0.006 and the risk of dementia increases with the duration of diabetes as a patient with a mean of 3.74±2.3 years of diabetes had mild dementia whereas the patient with mean 9.20±3.9years of diabetes had moderate dementia with a significant p<0.001.

Conclusion: The finding of this study concludes that dementia in metformin users of T2DM is more in females and the risk of dementia increases with age and with the duration of diabetes.




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