Prevalence of ABO and RHD Antigen in District Nowshera

An Experience In Blood Bank Of Qazi Hussain Ahmed Medical Complex Nowshera

  • Hamzullah Khan Nowshera Medical College
Keywords: ABO Blood-Group System, Blood Grouping and Cross matching/statistics & numerical data, Nowshera


Objectives: To screen the donors for the frequency of different blood groups, reason for deferral and comparative analysis of the donation in two consecutive years in blood bank of Qazi Hussian Ahmed Medical Complex Nowshera.


This cross sectional study was carried out in the Blood bank of Qazi Hussain Ahmed Medical Complex, Nowshera from 25th April 2017 to 5th May 2019. A total of 3429 donors were included in the study. Patients were enrolled from different wards of Qazi Husain ahmed medical complex Nowshera while the donors from common population of Nowshera preferably the close relative of the patients. From each subject blood was collected in strict sterile environment, ABO and Rh blood grouping were done out by ICT and ELISA .The  frequency of different blood group was recorded. Data was analyzed for percentage calculation.


A total of 3429 donors received in the blood bank for donation. The age range of the donor was from 18 years to 52 years.  The mean age was 35 years with standard deviation of 3.24. 3018(88%) of the donors were males and 411(12%) females. The distribution of RhD+ and RhD- blood groups was 89.90% and 10.09% respectively.

The frequency of “ RhD+ blood groups in target population ” was B: 1226(35.75%), O: 807(23.53%), A: 754(22%) and AB:296(8.63%). The frequency of “Rh Negative blood groups” was: B: 139(4.05%), O: 95(2.77%), A:84(2.45%) and AB: 28(0.82%).

The packed cell wastage rate in our blood bank was 185 (5.4%). The donor deferral rate was 0.7% (24cases)  due to positive virology. In quarter 2 of 2017, 767 bags received for transfusion due to dengue outbreak in District Nowshera. Hepatitis B Virus was major cause of deferral that was reported in 14 cases followed by HCV Virus in 13 cases.


The frequency of "Rh-positive blood group" was BOA and ABrespectively. Blood Group B was noted in 35% of the donors that counted to be the major prevalent Rh positive blood group in our population. Regarding the Rh Negative blood group again the frequency was B,O,A and AB. Blood group B- was prevalent as a major negative blood group in our population that was recorded in 4.05% cases. AB- Blood group was the rare blood group noted in 0.82% of the donors. The main cause of deferral was Hep B virus that was noted in 14 cases followed by HCV virus in 13 case. The total prevalence of the hepatitis in the donors presented to our blood bank was 0.7%.

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