Diverse Histopathological Changes Due to Cholelithiasis Seen in Surgically Removed Gall Bladder Specimens

  • Khalid Rashid Professor of Surgery, ward 26, JPMC
  • Bilal Burki
  • Ghansham Ratwani
  • Saleem Ahmed Somro
Keywords: Gallbladder Specimens, Cholelithiasis, Histopathological changes


Objective: To review the diverse histopathological changes found in the cholecystectomy specimens operated for gallstones

Methodology: The study was conducted at surgical ward No. 26 of JPMC for 5 years from January 2012 to December 2017. As per policy, specimens from all patients with symptomatic gall stones who underwent cholecystectomy, were sent for histopathology, the reports were reviewed and frequency of different pathological changes were noted.

Results: We observed not merely chronic cholecystitis but a plethora of different histopathological changes including tuberculosis, premalignant conditions and carcinomas, with almost no suspicion of existing pathology pre-operatively.

Conclusion: This strengthens our belief that every gall bladder specimen should be subjected to histopathological examination.


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